International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law

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Provost examines how international human rights and humanitarian law protect vulnerable individuals during peace and war.


Introduction; Part I. Normative Frameworks: 1. Rights and procedural capacity; 2. Obligations and responsibility; Part II. Reciprocity: 3. Formation; 4. Application; 5. Sanction; Part III. Application: Law and Facts: 6. Areas of Legal Indeterminacy; 7. Legal effect of characterization; Conclusion.


RENE PROVOST is Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Law and the Institute of Comparative Law, McGill University. He has published in such journals as British Yearbook of International Law, Columbia Journal of Transnational Law, and University of Miami Inter-American Law Review.


'The book is of a high academic standard, both in structure and content. Policy advisers, negotiators and drafters within NGOs and governmental agencies would likewise find this provocative and enlightening.' International Peacekeeping 'This book will be an excellent addition to university libraries and will be of interest to the increasing population of postgraduate students undertaking programmes in international law.' New Law Journal '... of a high academic standard, both in structure and content.' Chris Gallavin, University of Hull
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