X-Ray Diffraction by Polycrystalline Materials

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Through both history and theory, this text presents a physical approach to the diffraction phenomenon and its applications in materials science. Chapters cover the discovery of x-ray diffraction and its physical effect on perfect and imperfect crystals as well as an analysis of the instruments used in the characterization of powdered materials or thin films and recent developments in the field.


Preface. Acknowledgements. An Historical Introduction: The Discovery of X-rays and the First Studies in X-ray Diffraction. Part 1. Basic Theoretical Elements, Instrumentation and Classical Interpretations of the Results. Chapter 1. Kinematic and geometric theories of X-ray diffraction. Chapter 2. Instrumentation used for X-ray diffraction. Chapter 3. Data processing, extracting information. Chapter 4. Interpreting the results. 5. Scattering and diffraction on imperfect crystals. Part 2. Microstructual Analysis. Chapter 6. Microstructural study of randomly oriented polycrystalline samples. Chapter 7. Microstructural study of thin films. Bibliography. Index.


Rene Guinebretiere is a senior lecturer at the Ecole Nationale Superieure de Ceramiques Industrielles in Limoges, France, and teaches X-ray diffraction. His research activities are the study of materials using X-ray diffraction at the SPCTS International Laboratory in France.
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