Descartes' Meditations: Background Source Materials

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September 2004



Texts translated from the French and Latin serve to illustrate the context of the writing of Descartes' Meditations.


Introduction; 1. That nothing is known Francisco Sanches; 2. The promotion of mathematics Christopher Clavius; 3. Dialectic Petrus Ramus; 4. Metaphysical disputations Francisco Suarez; 5. Wisdom Pierre Charron; 6. A compendium of philosophy in four parts Eustachius a Sancto Paulo; 7. Corpus of philosophy Scipion Dupleix; 8. The use of reason: the impiety of the deists: the truth of the sciences Marin Mersenne; 9. Unorthodox essays against the Aristotelians Pierre Gassendi; 10. The two truths: the immortality of the soul Jean de Silhon; 11. Dialogue on the diversity of religions: little skeptical treatise Francois de La Mothe le Vayer; 12. Universal science Charles Sorel; 13. That God exists Jean-Baptiste Morin; Appendix: condemnations of Cartesianism; Notes; Bibliography; Comparative table of passages from Meditations.


"With its crisp translations, its clear introductions to often obscure primary sources, and its pedagogical concern to link these texts to perennial issues in interpreting the Meditations, this sourcebook should serve as an excellent text in a graduate or honors seminar focused on Descartes." International Philosophical Quarterly
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