Dynamics and Bifurcations of Non-Smooth Mechanical Systems

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Juni 2004



This monograph combines the knowledge of both the field of nonlinear dynamics and non-smooth mechanics and presents a framework for a class of non-smooth mechanical systems using techniques from both fields. During the last decades, the non-smooth mechanics community has developed a formulation of non-smooth systems, the mathematical prerequisites (Convex Analysis) as well as dedicated numerical algorithms. Dynamics and Bifurcations of Non-smooth Mechanical Systems presents these developments in a comprehensive way and opens the field to the nonlinear dynamics community. This book addresses researchers and graduate students in engineering and mathematics interested in the modelling, simulation and dynamics of non-smooth systems and nonlinear dynamics. TOC:Introduction.- Preliminaries on Non-smooth Analysis.- Differential Inclusions.- Modelling of Dry Friction.- Mechanical Systems with Set-valued Force-laws.- Numerical Integration Methods.- Fundamental Solution Matrix.- Bifurcations of Equilibria in Non-smooth Continuous Systems.- Bifurcations of Periodic Solutions.- Concluding Remarks.


1 Introduction.- 2 Preliminaries on Non-smooth Analysis.- 3 Differential Inclusions.- 4 Modelling of Dry Friction.- 5 Mechanical Systems with Set-valued Force-laws.- 6 Numerical Integration Methods.- 7 Fundamental Solution Matrix.- 8 Bifurcations of Equilibria in Non-smooth Continuous Systems.- 9 Bifurcations of Periodic Solutions.- 10 Concluding Remarks.- References.


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