Global Optimization

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The main contents and character of the monograph did not change with respect to the first edition. However, within most chapters we incorporated quite a number of modifications which take into account the recent development of the field, the very valuable suggestions and comments that we received from numerous colleagues and students as well as our own experience while using the book. Some errors and misprints in the first edition are also corrected. Reiner Horst May 1992 Hoang Tuy PREFACE TO THE FIRST EDITION The enormous practical need for solving global optimization problems coupled with a rapidly advancing computer technology has allowed one to consider problems which a few years aga would have been considered computationally intractable. As a consequence, we are seeing the creation of a large and increasing number of diverse algorithms for solving a wide variety of multiextremal global optimization problems. The goal of this book is to systematically clarify and unify these diverse approaches in order to provide insight into the underlying concepts and their pro­ perties. Aside from a coherent view of the field much new material is presented.


Contents: Some Important Classes of Global Optimization Problems.- Outer Approximation.- Concavity Cut.- Branch and Bound.- Cutting Methods.- Successive Approximation Methods.- Successive Partition Methods.- Decomposition of Large Scale Problems.- Special Problems of Concave Minimization.- D.C. Programming.- Lipschitz and Continuous Optimization.


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