Successfully Implementing Microsoft Dynamics

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This book will help organizations who have implemented or are considering implementing Microsoft Dynamics(TM) achieve a better result. It presents Regatta Dynamics, a methodology developed by the authors for the structured implementation of Microsoft Dynamics. From A-to-Z, it details the full implementation process, emphasizing the organizational component of the implementation process and the cohesion with functional and technical processes.


Background and Theory.- Implementing Microsoft Dynamics.- The Regatta for Dynamics Model.- Regatta for Dynamics in Practice.- Model Process Cluster.- Map Process Cluster.- Customize Process Cluster.- Integrate Process Cluster.


From the reviews:
"This book presents the Regatta approach, a methodology for the structured implementation of Microsoft Dynamics. ... The book is structured into two parts. The first part (two chapters) contains background information on the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics and the theory behind the Regatta approach. The second Part (four chapters) describes the full implementation process. ... I recommend it to project and line managers, key users, IT managers, and implementation consultants." (Pierre Radulescu-Banu, Computing Reviews, Vol. 50 (1), January, 2009)
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