The Raymond Williams Reader

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* Provides an unparalleled insight into the influence of one of the centurya s exemplary public intellectuals. * Includes a detailed historical and theoretical introduction. * Incorporates extracts from key works as well as less well--known texts and seminal essays. .


Preface. Acknowledgements. Part I: Culture Wars (1954--1961):. Introduction. 1. Culture is Ordinary (1958). 2. Film and The Dramatic Tradition (1954). 3. The Masses (1958). 4. Individuals and Societies (1961):. Part II: Countering The Canon (1962--71):. Introduction. 5. Tragedy and Revolution (1966). 6. Literature and Rural Society (1967). 7. Thomas Hardy and The English Novel (1970). 8. Orwell (1971). Part III: Theory and Representation (1972--80):. Introduction. 9. Base and Superstructure in Marxist Cultural Theory (1973). 10. Television and Representation (1974). 11. Language as Sociality (1977). 12. The Writer: Commitment and Alignment (1980). Part IV: Cultural Materialism in Action (1978--1988):. Introduction. 13. The Bloomsbury Fraction (1978). 14. Crisis in English Studies (1981). 15. Writing, Speech and The "Classical" (1984). 16. Language and The Avant--Garde (1986). Works Cited. Index.


John Higgins is Associate Professor in the Department of English at the University of Cape Town. He is the author of Raymond Williams: Literature, Marxism and Cultural Materialism (1999, winner of the University of Cape Town Book Award 2000) and Founding Editor of the South African Journal, Pretexts: Literary and Cultural Studies.
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