A Natural Right to Die: Twenty-Three Centuries of Debate

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September 2000



This study demonstrates that this contemporary issue dates back 2000 years, allowing the origins of the contraversy and the differsing perspectives to become apparent. The text discusses the legal rights and applies these developments to the question of euthanasia.


Preface; Introduction: The "Right to Die" Debate; Contemporary Attitudes About Death; A Brief Modern History and Definition of Terms; Attitudes Around the World; Anatomy of a Right; Opposition to the "Right To Die"; Roman Natural Law Theory; Natural Law Theory Through the Middle Ages; The Development of Natural Rights Theory; The Evolution of Natural Law Theory and the "Right to Die"; The American Interpretation of Natural Law; Natural Law and the Post-Revolutionary Era; Natural Law and the Constitution: Then and Now; The American Interpretation of Natural Law as it Pertains to the "Right to Die"; Applications; Appendix A: One Man's Decision to Die; Appendix B: A Talk with a Formerly Comatose Patient; Appendix C: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights; References; Index.


Raymond Whiting is Professor of Political Science at Augusta State University.


?This book's daunting goal is not only to trace the development of natural law theory over 23 centuries but to employ this history to argue in favor of a right to die--and do all this in under 200 pages. Recommended for upper-division undergraduates and above.?-Choice
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