Liquid Chromatography for the Analyst

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This work provides a clear presentation of the chromatographic process - demonstrating the functions of all associated instrumentation and the procedures necessary to obtain accurate qualitative and quantitative results. The work supplies a host of applications from a variety of sources to help identify the best equipment, the most appropriate columns and the most suitable phase systems for specific samples.


An introduction to chromatography; resolution, retention, and selectivity; liquid chromatography phase systems; the liquid chromatography column; the liquid chromatograph; liquid chromatography detectors; sample preparation; quantitative and qualitative analysis; examples LC separation systems.


." . .recommended for undergraduate and graduate level students who need a basic knowledge of LC or who need to apply it as a tool for their projects." ---Trends in Analytical Chemistry ." . .interesting, easy to follow and containing sufficient theory without being too heavy." ---Analyst ." . .extremely useful for analysts who are beginners in the field of liquid chromatography." ---Analytica Chimica Acta ." . .suitable for both students and experienced chromatographers who wish to expand their theoretical knowledge." ---Chromatographia
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