Analysis of Survey Data

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This book is concerned with statistical methods for the analysis of data collected from a survey. A survey could consist of data collected from a questionnaire or from measurements, such as those taken as part of a quality control process.


Preface. List of Contributors. Introduction (R. L. Chambers & C. J. Skinner). PART A: APPROACHES TO INFERENCE. Introduction to Part A (R. L.Chambers). Design--based and Model--based Methods for Estimating Model Parameters(David A. Binder and Georgia R. Roberts). The Bayesian Approach to Sample Survey Inference (Roderick J. Little). Interpreting a Sample as Evidence about a Finite Population (Richard Royall). PART B: CATEGORICAL RESPONSE DATA. Introduction to Part B (C. J.Skinner). Analysis of Categorical Response Data from Complex Surveys: an Appraisal and Update (J. N. K. Rao and D. R. Thomas). Fitting Logistic Regression Models in Case--Control Studies with Complex Sampling (Alastair Scott and Chris Wild). PART C: CONTINUOUS AND GENERAL RESPONSE DATA. Introduction to Part C (R. L.Chambers). Graphical Displays of Complex Survey Data through Kernel Smoothing (D. R. Bellhouse, C. M. Goia, and J. E. Stafford) Nonparametric Regression with Complex Survey Data (R. L. Chambers, A. H. Dorfman and M. Yu. Sverchkov). Fitting Generalized Linear Models under Informative Sampling (Danny Pfeffermann and M. Yu. Sverchkov). PART D: LONGITUDINAL DATA. Introduction to Part D (C. J.Skinner). Random Effects Models for Longitudinal Survey Data (C. J.Skinner and D. J.Holmes). Event History Analysis and Longitudinal Surveys (J. F. Lawless). Applying Heterogeneous Transition Models in Labour Economics: the Role of Youth Training in Labour Market Transitions (Fabrizia Mealli and Stephen Pudney). PART E: INCOMPLETE DATA. Introduction to Part E (R. L.Chambers). Bayesian Methods for Unit and Item Nonresponse (Roderick J. Little). Estimation for Multiple Phase Samples (Wayne A. Fuller). Analysis Combining Survey and Geographically Aggregated Data (D. G. Steel, M. Tranmer and D. Holt). References. T. M. F.Smith: Publications up to 2002. Author Index. Subject Index.
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