The Films of Mike Leigh

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Juni 2000



Carney examines one of the most important directors of British independent filmmaking.


Biographical and cultural introduction; Stylistic introduction: living beyond consciousness; 1. Bleak Moments: fictitious selves; 2. Hard Labour: melting the freezing; 3. The Kiss of Death: temporal and spatial truth; 4. Nuts in May: defeating easy knowledge; 5. Abigail's Party: losing track of who you are; 6. Who's Who: we are the hollow men; 7. Grown-Ups: in praise of otherness; 8. Home Sweet Home: manufactured emotions; 9. Meantime: challenging forms of understanding; 10. High Hopes: loose relations; 11. Life is Sweet: circulation is the law of life; 12. Naked: alone in the dark; Epilogue: the feel of life.


'... takes genuine pleasure in the exuberance, wit and intelligence of Leigh's cinema.' Paul Howson, The Times Higher Education Supplement
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