Conquering the Chaos: Win in India, Win Everywhere

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Juni 2013



A practical, on the ground look at how CEOs of multinational companies tackle the challenges of the Indian market.


Ravi Venkatesan is the former Chairman of Microsoft India and Cummins India. Under Venkatesan's leadership between 2004 and 2011, India became Microsoft's second-largest geography and one of its fastest growing markets. Microsoft India was rated one of the country's most respected companies, among its most admired brands, and one of its best employers. Prior to joining Microsoft, as the Chairman of Cummins India Venkatesan led its transformation into the country's leading provider of power solutions and engines. Venkatesan is currently a director on the boards of AB Volvo and Infosys and a member of the advisory board of Bunge Limited. He also serves on Harvard Business School's Global Alumni Board. Venkatesan is a founder and Chairman of Social Venture Partners India, a network of engaged leaders attempting to address complex social issues through venture philanthropy.


"With a combination of personal experience and an impressive Rolodex, he has an unparalleled string of case studies to hand in "Conquering the Chaos."" -- "The Financial Times" "Few corporate chieftains in India bother to step back and think analytically about the business landscape, and Mr. Venkatesan's account brims with interesting anecdotes and useful insights." -- "The Wall Street Journal" "It (the book) is largely interesting, especially when real life examples are provided." -- "Financial Express" "This is a book every HR manager should read and should, subtly or otherwise, slip to the top of the pile for the senior line team to digest." -- "Canadian HR Reporter" "The book is a great primer for international companies doing business India, which given the way the global economy is shifting base, should include just about every company above a certain size.""this (book) is an excellent starting point for a company seeking to enter to reevaluate its business in India." -- Business India "The book is a must read for all those who want to know about the complexities of doing business in India." "The author weaves the India story with interesting case studies, narratives of his own experience as well as anecdotes and insights from some of the best global minds and CEOs who have been closely associated with the Indian market." -- "Business World" magazine ADVANCE PRAISE for "Conquering the Chaos" Bill Gates, Chairman and cofounder, Microsoft--"Ravi Venkatesan's clear and candid look at doing business in India should be on the reading list of any business leader who wants to better understand India and other emerging markets. "Conquering the Chaos" is insightful and thoroughly readable." Dominic Barton, Managing Director, McKinsey & Company--"Ravi Venkatesan has written a compelling account of how to create value in India in ways that can also be transferred to many other markets. He provides a uni
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