Natural and Laboratory Simulated Thermal Geochemical Processes

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Natural and Laboratory-Simulated Thermal Geochemical Processes compares a series of thermal natural geochemical events with thermally laboratory-simulated processes. The emphasis is on the geothermal events occurring in nature compared with those simulated in the laboratory, thus furnishing important information at the molecular level for such processes. The book covers the following topics: -Generation of petroleum and its thermal cracking; -Pyrolysis of oil-shales; -Formation of coal and its gasification and liquification; -Thermal liquification of biomass; -Geothermal energy; -Thermal generation of fullerenes; -Thermal formation of diamonds; -Thermal analysis of organo-clay complexes; -Geochemical conditions for life emergence.


1. Petroleum generation, extraction and migration and abiogenic synthesis in hydrothermal systems; B.R.T. Simoneit.
2. Thermal cracking of petroleum; J.G. Speight.
3. Thermochemical reactions of middle rank coals; Y. Zhuo, et al.
4. Thermal transformation of soil organic matter by natural fires and laboratory-controlled heatings; F.J. Gonzalez-Vila, G.A. Almendros.
5. High temperature pyrolysis of shale oils; M. Levy.
6. Formation of young kerogen: protein-based melanoidins hypothesis and heating experiments under mild conditions; R. Ishiwatari, et al.
7. Natural and laboratory-simulated geothermal and geochemical processes; D. Levitte, Y. Greitzer.
8. Differential thermal analysis (DTA) in the study of thermal reactions of organo-clay complexes; S. Yariv.
9. The use of thermal analytical methods in organic geochemistry; P. Philp.
10. On the dissipation of thermal and chemical energies on the early Earth; M.J. Russell, et al. Subject Index.
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