The Movement of the Free Spirit: Computational, Neurobiological, and Psychophysical Perspectives

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März 1998



This book by the legendary Situationist activist is a fiercelypartisan historical reflection on the ways religious and economicforces have shaped Western culture.


"The most striking aspect of Vaneigem's compendium of Free Spirit Loreis his ability to release the material into the present, to allow itto communicate on the same level of extremism and disruption as it didin the Middle Ages. Again and again, confronted with the likes ofMargaret Porete's ecstatic revisioning of being or John Hartmann'scoolly absolutist gnosis, you can almost feel the whole great edificeof social order - their Church, our capitalist democracy - gatheritself up, take a deep breath, and run." Greil Marcus , author of Lipstick Traces
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