Algeria Cuts: Women and Representation, 1830 to the Present

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November 2007



"Algeria Cuts" discusses the figure of woman under colonial rule in Algeria as well as within the postcolonial independent nation-state through an interdisciplinary framework that spans fine art, film, colonial and legal policy, manifestoes, prose fiction, and theoretical and philosophical texts concerning the relationship between France and Algeria.


Ranjana Khanna is Associate Professor of English and Margaret Taylor Smith Director of Women's Studies at Duke University. She is the author of Dark Continents: Psychoanalysis and Colonialism (2003).


"Algeria Cuts is a timely and challenging reflection on how women elude and confound direct representation in literature, the arts, politics, law, and justice under conditions deeply inflected by colonialism and its aftermath. Pursuing the implication of this representational disruption for an ethics and a practice of transnational feminism, Khanna meticulously resists disciplinary strictures and the predictable conclusions they yield. Her analyses of mock trials, film, palnting, manifestos, prose fiction, and installations illuminate the multifarious junctures where gender disturbs representation in Algerian texts and contexts. While the focus here is on Algeria, this important book's insights and novel interdisciplinary method reach well beyond its immediate context." - Natalie Melas, Cornell University"
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