Significance of ART Adherence to curb HIV Infection among Children

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This book is based on original research data, primary data, collected by researchers on the subject Significance of ART Adherence to Curb HIV infection among Children. This is a maiden study and publication work on ART Adherence, particularly among children. Women and children are increasingly becoming vulnerable to HIV/AIDS. Adherence is a major factor in determining the degree of viral suppression achieved in response to ART. Poor adherence can lead to virologic failure. Prospective adult and pediatric studies have shown the risk of virologic failure to increase as the proportion of missed doses increases. Adherence is a complex health behavior that is influenced by the regimen prescribed, patient and family factors, and characteristics of health care providers. Here at this juncture, the studies on adherence enhancing/influencing are of great important, essential in order to yield maximum fruits of the Govt. Programmes for the HIV/AIDS infected/affected. This publication (work) could be the pioneer work on Adherence of ART in India. This reading definitely be helpful for the researchers and policy makers in the field of HIV/AIDS, for the sake of quality of life of any community.


Dr. Karra Ramu is in the field of Social Work since 2005. He got his M.S.W., M.Phil., in Social Work from RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur and Ph.D., from Dept. of Population Studies and Social Work, Sri Venkateshwara University, Tirupati. He is an active researcher in the area of Social Work. He has number of papers presented and published.
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