The Democratic Transition in Nepal

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Januar 2000



This comprehensive analysis provides a thorough and balanced treatment of the emergence of a democratic polity in Nepal. Drawing on original survey data, Ramjee P. Parajulee analyzes the role of external forces in the transition process and the barriers to consolidating democracy.


Part 1 Part One: Backdrop to Transition Chapter 2 Introduction Chapter 3 A Brief Political History Chapter 4 The Democratic Transition Part 5 Part Two: External Actors Chapter 6 The External Dimension Chapter 7 The India Factor Chapter 8 Donor Countries and Non-Governmental Agencies Part 9 Part Three: Consolidating Democracy Chapter 10 Problems and Prospects of Consolidation Chapter 11 Conclusion


Ramjee P. Parajulee is a research scholar in the Department of Political Science, George Washington University.


This very detailed and thorough study of the complex political/social developments in Nepal since the pro-democracy uprising in 1990 provides what is undoubtedly the most objective analysis that has yet been published. Journal Of Asian and African Studies An excellent analysis of a very complex subject. This is the most thorough and comprehensive study written on the topic, both in the themes discussed and the breadth and depth of the analysis. The scholarship is remarkable and the treatment objective and fair. -- Leo E. Rose, University of California, Berkeley
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