Financial Analyst's Indispensible Pocket Guide

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November 2000



Financial Analyst's Indispensable Pocketguide is the first reference to give the more than 20,000 candidates who take AIMR-administered CFA exams annually--and the 60,000-plus CFAs and finance professionals who currently practice investment management--a single broad-based resource for specific terminology and information. Much more than just a dictionary, this dynamic book explains and expands upon the fundamental concepts that comprise a financial analyst's lexicon.Within each section, Ramesh arranges fundamental terms alphabetically, then provides CFA-related tips and profiles of industry leaders. Key topics include:
*Timeless tips for CFA candidates and practitioners
*Graphics and mnemonics to help with important concepts
*Derivatives, equity valuation, and portfolio management


Behavioral Finance. Derivatives. Economics. Equities. Ethics. Financial Statement Analysis. Fixed Income. Portfolio Management. Quantitative Techniques. Real Estate Investments.


Ram Ramesh, MBA, CFA, (Jamaica) is portfolio manager for Jamaica Money Market Brokers. Previously with CitiCorp and PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Ramesh is a visiting faculty member at management institutes in both Jamaica and India. He is a frequent contributor to The Financial Gleaner - Jamaica's largest and oldest daily newspaper - and appears regularly as a financial commentator on both television and radio.
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