Bioenergy Options for a Cleaner Environment: In Developed and Developing Countries

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Bioenergy Options for a Cleaner Environment describes the biomass resource and its delivery. A panel of international experts describe the range of conversion technologies both commercially available and under development, and explore the technical, environmental and socio-economic barriers and benefits of using biomass in both developed and developing countries. *Covers a number of perspectives, taking the reader through the whole process from the bioenergy resource through conversion to fuel, to policy issues.*World class Editor and contributors*Accessible and useful to those working in agriculture, forestry and planning, as well as energy researchers.


Biomass and resources, Ralph E H Sims and Nasir El Bassam Delivering the biomass to the conversion plant, Ralph E H Sims Heat, power and combined heat and power, Ralph P Overend Liquid and gaseous biomass fuels, Koon Ong Lim and Ralph E H Sims Policy options and strategies for market development of biomass : an Asian-Pacific perspective, Kyi Lwin Biomass - the fuel of the rural poor in developing countries, Pradeep Chaturvedi
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