Science Today: Problem or Crisis?

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Januar 1997



What is science? What is the purpose of science education? Should we be training scientists, or looking towards a greater public understanding of science? In this exciting text, some of the key figures in the fields of science and science education address this debate. Their contributions form an original dialogue on science education and the general public awareness of science, tackling both formal and informal aspects of science learning. the editors argue that a greater knowledge of science can lead to a better future, but that this can only happen through a mutual understanding between scientists, schools and the public.


Introduction Section 1. Views and Conflicts In Praise of Science Lewis Wolpert A Consumer's Guide to Science Punditry Henry Bauer Visions of Embattled Science Mary Midgley Science Wars Hilary Rose Section 2. Democracy and the Curriculum Science and Public Policy - some Thoughts Tam Dalyell Science of the Times a 2020 Vision of Education Guy Claxton, Science Education for Democracy ways Forward Robin Millar, Democracy and Expertise Les Levidow Section 3. Science for All? School Science and its Problems with Scientific Literacy Peter Fensham, Towards a Functional Public Understanding of Science Edgar Jenkins, School Science and the Future of Scientific Culture Joan Solomon, Informed Ambivalence Section 4. Scientists and the Public From Big Bang to Damp Squib Graham Farmelo, Science through Play Richard Gregory, Sharing Science Sue Pringle
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