Heat, Bearings, and Lubrication: Engineering Analysis of Thermally Coupled Shear Flows and Elastic Solid Boundaries

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A systematic treatment of the thermal and elastic deformation of bearings, seals, and other machine elements under a wide variety of conditions, with particular emphasis on failure mechanisms when high speeds or loads cause significant frictional heating and on methods for predicting and avoiding such failures. Intended for designers and mechanical engineers responsible for high-performance machinery, the book is unique in discussing instabilities driven by frictional heating and thermal expansion and in developing a theoretical approach to engineering design in those cases in which the thermal problems are pivotal. It thus provides a guide as to what is important in the development of high-performance engineering systems. References to recent publications, new material that fill gaps in the literature, a consistent nomenclature, and a large number of worked examples make this a useful text and reference for both researchers and practising engineers.


1 Bearings and Seals.
2 Viscous Heating in Laminar Couette Flow.
3 Thermoviscous Fluids.
4 The Thermal Boundary Condition.
5 Steady-State Clearance in Bearings with Thermal Expansion.
6 A Transient Mechanism of Seizure.
7 Different Materials in the Journal and Bearing.
8 Steady Turbulent Couette Flow.
9 Transient Seizure with Turbulent Flow.
10 The Temperature Drop across the Fluid Film.
11 Viscous Heating in Pressure Gradients.
12 Coupling of Waviness and Boundary Heat Flux in Reynolds Flow.
13 Convection.
14 Thermal Growth of a Surface Wave.
15 Transient Growth of a Surface Wave.
16 Constraints.
17 Start-Up.
18 Diversion of Heat to the Journal.
19 Coupling of Surface Waves and Radial Expansion.
20 Secondary Causes of Waviness.
21 Load Concentration and Elevated Temperature on Contact Patches.
22 Load Support near Touchdown.
23 Design Guides.
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