Assessment of Land Degradation and Its restoration in Jharia Coalfield

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Dezember 2012



Jharia coalfield is the prime coking coal reserve of India. It has a long history of unsystematic and unscientific mining which resulted in severe land degradation, surface and subsurface mine fires and subsidence of land. Since the nationalization of coalmines in the year 1972-73, a scientific approach of coal mining has been adapted for coal exploration. However, coal mining has left a severe impact on its land environment. In the present study, several remote sensing imagery has been used to find the impact of mining on the land environment. Change detection in land use and land cover has been carried out by digital comparison method using archive & present satellite image of Indian Remote Sensing Satellite. A series of digital enhancement techniques have been used to minimize error of a wrong classification. Dominant change in Land use has been found to be significant decrease in scrub-land and considerable increase in mining induced degraded land.


Rajarshi is a Mine Environmental Engineer. He works for the Dept. of Atomic Energy, Govt of India. He completed his Master of Technology from Indian School of Mines and Master of Science from Presidency College, Calcutta, India.In both of his masters courses, he stood first in order of merit. Besides, he holds a keen interest in still photography.
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