Department Management System

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In present scenario the Education Department and Institutes are become tech savvy. They want to do their departmental task in a very smart way without using so much effort. This motivated me to design such type of system, so that both the faculty members and students of the department use this application in a very friendly manner and reduce their effort as well as time. Generally for scheduling the event, a user use reminder and write on paper which is time consuming. But event scheduler makes this thing easier and a user can easily create as well manage the event very well. With the help of this application the user can also easily see the event details which they had scheduled earlier and can delete and share also. In department generally the faculty members gives the assignment either through paper assignment or by sending the mail to all the students of the department. So, as a result of this a lot of paper work as well as wastage of paper occurs. This motivated me to make the assignment work module to do the task easier for faculty members and student both. Apart from these exciting features there are also some more important features,which I have added with this book.


Rahul KumarIndore (Madhya Pradesh)India EducationBachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication.Master of Technology in Mobile Computing Technology from School of Electronics Devi Ahilya University Indore.
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