Studies in Natural Products Chemistry: Structure and Chemistry (Part D)

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November 1995



Volume 17 provides material of interest to natural products chemists.


Novel secondary metabolites of marine gastropods, M. Alam and K.L. Euler; total synthesis and absolute stereochemistry of novel biologically active marine natural products of halenaquinol family - theoretical studies of CD spectra, N. Harada and T. Sugioka; bryozoan secondary metabolites and their chemical ecology, A.J. Blackman and J.T. Walls; structure and biological activity of triterpenoids and aromatic compounds from medicinal plants, R. Aquino et al; sesquiterpenes and other secondary metabolites of genus lactarius (basidiomycetes) -chemistry and biological activity, G. Vidari and P. Vita-Finzi; structure and biosynthesis of bile alcohols - disorders of cholesterol side-chain oxidation in cerebrotendinous xanthomatosis, B. Dayal et al; antifungal sesquiterpene dialdehyde from the warburgia plants and their synergists, I. Kubo; determination of relative and absolute configuration in the annonaceous acetogenins, E.A. Ramirez and T.R. Hoye; the chemistry of the nargenicin macrolides, J. Kallmerten; some aspects of the chemistry of lignans, R. Stevenson; the chemistry of natural diarylheptanoids, G.M. Keseru and M. Nogradi; tropane alkaloids in root cultures of solanaceous plants, M. Sauerwein et al; phenolics in root cultures of medicinal plants, K. Ishimaru and K. Shimomura; chemistry and biosynthesis of natural diels-alder type adducts from moraceous plants, T. Nomura et al; modelling the substrate binding domain of horse liver alcohol dehydrogenase, HLADH, by computer aided substrate overlay, M. Aksela and A.C. Oehlschlager; applications of 17O NMR spectroscopy to natural products chemistry, D.W. Boykin; the role of biological raw materials in synthesis, J.H.P. Tyman.
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