Troubleshooting Electronic Equipment

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Everything you need to maintain, troubleshoot, and repair all types of electronic equipment

From cell phones to medical instruments to digital and microprocessor based equipment, this hands-on, heavily illustrated guide clearly explains how to troubleshoot, maintain, and repair all types of electrical equipment. The author covers all the essentials such as necessary tools, soldering techniques, testing, fundamental procedures, and mechanical and electrical components.


<H4>PREFACE<H3>Chapter 1. Reliability Aspects of Electronic Equipment<H3>Chapter 2. Fundamental Troubleshooting Procedures<H3>Chapter 3. Electronic Test Equipment<H3>Chapter 4. Tools and Aids for Servicing and Maintenance<H3>Chapter 5. Soldering Techniques<H3>Chapter 6. Mechanical and Electro-mechanical Components<H3>Chapter 7. Passive Components and Their Testing<H3>Chapter 8. Testing of Semiconductor Devices<H3>Chapter 9. Linear Integrated Circuits<H3>Chapter 10. Troubleshooting Digital Circuits<H3>Chapter 11. Troubleshooting Microprocessor-based Systems<H3>Chapter 12. Rework and Repair of Surface Mount Assemblies<H3>Chapter 13. Typical Examples of Troubleshooting<H3>Chapter 14. Preventive Maintenance<H3>Chapter 15. Maintenance Management<H4>BIBLIOGRAPHY<H4>INDEX


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