Bioremediation of phorate-an organophosphate insecticide

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August 2012



The book is a extract of PhD work by Dr Radha Rani under the supevision of Dr (Mrs) Asha Juwarkar. It focuses on the bioremediation of phorate, a highly toxic organophosphate insecticide widely use in agriculture. The book describes the isolation of phorate degrading bacteria and screening of plants for its transformation/ tolerances. It also illustrates experimental work on the use of bacterial isolates and plants for remediation of phorate contaminated soil. It comprises short procedure for all the experiments, results along with discussions. The authors hope that the book will prove beneficial to people conducting research in the field of biodegradation.


Dr. Radha Rani, BSc(2002), Nagpur University, Gold medallist in microbiology & botany, 9th merit in the University, 2nd merit during MSc-2004(microbiology). PhD (2012) from National Environmental Engineering Research Institute, Nagpur, India, after qualifying national level exam for fellowship.
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