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November 1999



An ambitious and original work which uses early film theory, anthropological insights, and avant--garde film to explore the relation of cinema to ritual healing.


Acknowledgements Introduction 1. The Moderns 2. Savage Theory/Savage Practice 3. First Contact 4. Close Contact 5. The Secret Life of the Object 6. The Metal Brain 7. The Tired Lens 8. Bresson's Phantasmagoria 9. Reverie 10. Pyrotechnical Reproduction Conclusion Notes Works Cited Index


Rachel O. Moore is an independent scholar living in New York City.


"The author's fresh and individual approach catches new aspects of familiar works and, astonishingly, [she] makes some of her most daring insights with such clarity you end up thinking you must have already thought them. But no work has interrelated classical theorists in the manner Moore does. The book possesses intellectual grace and energy, as well as incisive jabs of pure insight. Beautifully written, engaging, and witty, it clears a new path for film theory." -- Tom Gunning, author of An Invention of the Devil? Religion and Early Cinema "This is a strikingly original work of film history that shows how the tropes of early film theory shared anthropology's fascination with the magical in the primitive, and further how this fascination continues to show up in the subsequent course of avant-garde cinema. The pleasure of reading Moore's study is in experiencing the unfolding of a subversive genealogy of traces that remakes commonplace understandings of the wonder of movies." -- George Marcus, Rice University
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