Core Collection for Children and Young Adults

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September 2008



This title informs its audience of the best in contemporary and classic literature for children and young adults. Guidance to award-winning books is provided in more than 350 annotations.


Rachel E. Schwedt is Librarian for Curriculum Library and Cataloger at Liberty University. Janice Delong is Associate Professor of English in the Department of English and Modern Languages, School of Communications at Liberty University.


This slim volume provides hundreds of award-winning books that may easily be considered library staples...This is a useful list for youth collections. Booklist, February 2009 Readers should be warned: the book annotations found in Core Collections for Children and Young Adults will make you want to read each and every title that the authors included. The authors provide some excellent descriptive information about each title. Overall, the book is very well organized and easy to read. It provides a solid list of current award-winning titles that are interesting, entertaining, and frequently inspirational. -- Mark Shelton, Harvard University College & Research Libraries (C&RL) The scope of books reviewed is impressive...The organization of the book is straightforward...Core Collections for Children and Young Adults will be a valuable resource for...anyone interested in children's and young adult literature. American Reference Books Annual, August 2008
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