The Design Agenda: A Guide to Successful Design Management

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April 1995



UK Design lies between the worlds of culture and commerce, between passion and profit. Design is indeed a passion for things, offering methods that enable them to come into being. It follows that design should also aspire to a passion for the people who use these things, for their quality of life, their aspirations: a passion for betterment.


What Is Design? The Value of Design. Corporate Design Strategies. Design and the Organisation. Design Audits. Design Management--Setting the Agenda. Resource Guide. Index.


About the authors Rachel Cooper is a Senior Research Fellow and Head of the Research Unit at University College Salford. She was trained as a Graphic Designer and has worked as a Design Consultant and Lecturer in Design and Design Management for a number of years. She has also undertaken research for the DTI in developing programmes and curriculum in Design Management. Mike Press is a Principal Lecturer in Design Management in the Design School at Staffordshire University. He was formerly a Research Consultant for local government on economic development and innovation. He has developed degree and post-graduate courses in design management for both business and design students.
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