The Praeger Handbook of Transsexuality: Changing Gender to Match Mindset

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August 2006



People born with one gender's sexual organs who are drawn physically, psychologically, and spiritually to life as a member of the opposite gender, are more common than is generally realized. In this unprecedented book, Heath introduces the transsexual mindset, explaining how identity discord develops and what the most recent research shows about a potential biological basis. She details the history of transsexuality, the psychological, social, and family issues transsexuals face, and the associated legal and human rights issues. Diagrams depicting the major elements in Gender Reassignment Surgery are included, as are explanations of the physiological and psychological effects of hormone therapy and associated procedures for transsexuals, their outcomes, and potential complications. Appendices offer lists of support groups and other resources for transsexual men, women, and family members, a link to a list of surgeons worldwide performing GRS, and a glossary of terms.


RACHEL ANN HEATH is Honorary Professor of Psychology at the University of Newcastle, Australia.


""The Praeger Handbook of Transsexuality" takes us through the different stages of a gender transition process that a small number of people go through every year in order to match gender with mindset. It is the kind of book that helps one start thinking about an issue--in this case 'gender'--in a different, more complex way....[A] perfect book for getting a basic introduction to the varied dimensions of gender transition processes, for understanding the basic implications of transsexuality, intersex conditions, the basis of gender identity atypically and its consequences. It is a handbook for anyone whose work involves the understanding of people....It will inevitably broaden the mind and make you more well informed...." - Metapsychology Online Reviews
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