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Essays on digital culture--what it is, its historical context, and its uses in the media, the film industry, and the sciences.


Part 1 Intellectual histories of the information age Imperial attractions: Benjamin Franklin's New experiments of 1751; From heat engines to digital printouts: Machine models from the Victorian era to the human genome project; The erasure and construction of history for the information age: Positivism and its critics Part 2 Visual culture, subjectivity and the education of the senses More than the movies: A history of somatic visual culture through Hale's Tours, IMAX and motion simulation rides; Stereographs and the construction of a visual culture in the United States; The convergence of the Pentagon and Hollywood: The next generation of military training simulations Part 3 Materiality, time and the reproduction of sound and motion Helmholtz, Edison and sound history; Media, materiality and the measure of the digital; or, the case of sheet music and the problem of piano rolls; Still/moving: Digital imaging and medical hermeneutics Digital aesthetics, social texts and art objects Bodies of texts, bodies of subjects: Metaphoric networks in new media; Electronic literature: Discourses, communities, traditions; Nostalgia for a digital object: Regrets on the quickening of QuickTime


Lauren Rabinovitz is Professor of American Studies and Cinema at the University of Iowa. She is the author of "For the Love of Pleasure: Women, Movies, and Culture in Turn-of-the-Century Chicago "and "Points of Resistance: Women, Power, and Politics in the New York Avant-Garde Cinema, 1943-1971" and coeditor of "Television, History, and American Culture: Feminist Critical Essays, " also published by Duke University Press.Abraham Geil is an instructor in media history at the New School University in New York City.


""Memory Bytes" is an important contribution to the growing body of scholarship taking the current moment of media change as an incitement to re-examine earlier moments in media history. The range of media, historical periods, and disciplinary perspectives is spectacular, representing interdisciplinary collaboration and conversation at its very best."--Henry Jenkins, coeditor of "Hop on Pop: The Politics and Pleasures of Popular Culture"
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