Research in Organizational Change and Development

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November 2001



The theoretical frames outlined in this volume on research in organizational change and development range from perspectives so new that they are relatively undeveloped (for example chaos theory), to perspectives and ideas that have been in widespread use for many years (such as action research). The focus of these articles range from challenging the traditional action research paradigm, to debating the need for greater professionalization in OD. In addition, the volume grapples with the difficult problems of downsizing and organizational turnaround, and avoiding the associated problems resulting from flattened organizational structures, to implementing changes in information technology to realize the promised increased effectiveness.


The professionalization of Organization Development - the next step in an evolving field, A.H. Church; In search of an alternative framework for the creation of actionable knowledge - table-tennis research at Ericsson, N. Adler, R. Shani; De-development as a way to change contemporary organizations, P.C. Nutt; Broken promises - the role of contract breaches in turnaround situations, M. Semadeni; Flattening the organizational structure - encouraging empowerment or reinforcing control?, G. Teubner; A quasi-experimental study of an action-research project - the effect of project visibility, J.P. Wanous, A.E. Reichers; Research and practice in IT-related change - the case for clinical inquiry, D. Coghlan, J. McDonagh; Chaordic systems thinking for holonic organizational renewal, F.M. van Eijnatten; Biographical sketches of the authors.
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