Procurement Law for Construction and Engineering Works and Services

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Januar 1999



The cost of preparing and submitting tenders for construction and engineering works is a significant expense to those firms involved and no participant can afford to be ignorant of the law surrounding the procurement process. This new book reviews the law concerning the procurement of construction and engineering works and services, and deals with the development of the common law of tendering including bids, offers, revocation of offers, acceptance and the making of contracts. This book is written from the perspective of English law but considers cases and statutes from a wide variety of common law jurisdictions, including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Scotland, South Africa, and the US.


General overview; Bids, offers, revocation of offers, acceptance and formation of contracts; Bids, mistakes, rectification, rescission of contract, rescission of bid despite irrevocable nature of bid and forfeiture of bid deposits; Tenders -- the traditional position; Tenders: exceptional cases where remuneration or damages have been recovered by tenderers; The two contract analysis -- the tendering contract; Bonds, guarantees and indemnities; Incomplete agreement, therefore no contract; Letter of intent; Tender documents; Judicial review of public tender decisions; Judicial review of federal tender decisions; Public procurement in the European Union; Tender abuses and anti--competitive practices; Table of cases; Table of statutes; Index
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