Basic Cartography Volume 1: For Students and Technicians

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Vol. 3 published on behalf of ICA by Butterworth/Heinemann.


Part 1 The history of cartography, C. Koeman: background; Mesopotamia and Egypt; China and Japan; cartographic knowledge of the ancient Greeks and Romans; Moslem cartography; commercial motives for mapmaking; style and composition; history of cartographic techniques; map types. Part 2 Mathematical cartography, D.H. Maling: terms used to describe the mathematical framework of a map; the shape and size of the Earth; geographical co-ordinates; plane co-ordinate systems; methods of plotting the geometrical framework of a map; the nature of the errors of measurement and plotting; calculations involved in preparing a grid or graticule; fair drawing of the graticule; introduction to the theory of map projections; the fundamental properties of a map projection; the aspects of map projection; the special properties of a map projection; the main classes of map projections. Part 3 Theory of cartographic expression and design, B. Rouleau: the aims of cartographic expression and map reading; data capture, documentation and processing; graphic representation; rules of cartographic language; systems of cartographic representation. Part 4 Map drawing and lettering techniques, K. Kanazawa: instruments, tools and materials; drawing in ink; scribing; masks; stick-up and dry-transfer; lettering in Roman characters; lettering in Sino-Japanese characters; aspects of computer-assisted cartography. Part 5 Cartographic pre-press, press and post-press production, C. Palm and S. van der Steen: employed terminology; pre-press production; darkroom processes; ultra-violet (UV) processes; diazo; mask production; colour proof production; platemaking for map printing by offset lithography; silk-screen making and printing; image registration; map component assembly; reproduction by electronic means; paper; printing; finishing and presentation.
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