Blackwell Handbook of Social Psychology: Group Processes

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Januar 2002



This handbook provides an authoritative, up-to-date overview of the social psychology of group processes. The topics covered include group decisions, juries, group remembering, roles, status, leadership, social identity and group membership, socialization, group performance, negotiation and bargaining, emotion and mood, computer-mediated communication, organizations and mental health. 26 specially commissioned chapters offer unparalleled coverage of the whole field of group processes
A carefully chosen team of authors from around the world ensures a truly international perspective
Fully referenced chapters include bibliographies for easy access to further study
This handbook is essential reading for upper-level students looking for succinct overviews and for researchers seeking an authoritative definition of the field which also indicates likely future trends.


Series Editorsa Preface. Preface. 1. Shared Cognition in Small Groups. (R. Scott Tindale, Helen M. Meisenhelder and Amanda A. Dykema--Engblade, and Michael A. Hogg). 2. Collective Choice, Judgement and Problem Solving. (Garold Stasser and Beth Dietz--Uhler). 3. Social Categorization, Depersonalization, and Group Behaviour. (Michael A. Hogg). 4. Group Socialization and Newcomer Innovation. (John M. Levine, Richard L. Moreland and Hoon--Seok Choi). 5. Group Performance in Collaborative and Social Dilemma Tasks: Progress and Prospects. (Norbert L. Kerr and Ernest S. Park). 6. Poker Face, Smiley Face and Rant a na Rave: Myths and Realities About Emotion in Negotiation. (Leigh Thompson, Victoria Husted Medvec, Vanessa Seiden and Shirli Kopelman). 7. Mood and Emotion in Groups. (Janice R. Kelly). 8. The Psychology of Crowd Dynamics. (Stephen Reicher). 9. Conformity and Independence in Groups: Majorities and Minorities. (Robin Martin and Miles Hewstone). 10. Dynamic Social Impact and the Consolidation, Clustering, Correlation and Continuing Diversity of Culture. (Bibb Latane and Martin J. Bourgeois). 11. Attitudes, Norms, and Social Groups. (Joel Cooper, Kimberley A. Kelly, and Kimberlee Weaver). 12. System Constraints on Leadership Perceptions, Behavior and Influence: An Example of Connectionist Level Processes. (Robert G. Lord, Douglas J. Brown, and Jennifer L. Harvey). 13. Group Processes and the Constructions of Social Representations. (Fabio Lorenzi--Cioldi and Alain Clemence). 14. Social Comparison Motives in Ongoing Groups. (John Darley). 15. Social Status and Group Structure. (Cecilia L. Ridgeway). 16. Leadership Effectiveness: An Integrative Review. (Martin M. Chemers). 17. Social Categorization, Social Identification, and Rejection of Deviant Group Members. (Jose M. Marques, Dominic Abrams, Dario Paez, and Michael A. Hogg). 18. Collective Identity: Group Membership and Self--Conception. (Dominic Abrams and Michael A. Hogg). 19. It Takes Two to Tango: Relating Group Identity to Individual Identity within the Framework of Group Development. (Stephen Worchel and Dawna Coutant). 20. Cultural Dimensions of Negotiation. (Peter J. Carnevale and Kwok Leung). 21. Overcoming Dependent Data: A Guide to the Analysis of Group Data. (Melody S. Sadler and Charles M. Judd). 22. Observation and Analysis of Group Interaction Over Time: Some Methodological and Strategic Choices. (Joseph E. McGrath and T. William Altermatt). 23. Communication Technologies, the Internet, and Group Research. (Andrea B. Hollingshead). 24. Procedural Mechanisms and Jury Behaviour. (R. Scott Tindale, Janice Nadler, Andrea Krebel, and James H. Davis). 25. Group Processes in Organizational Contexts. (Joseph E. McGrath and Linda Argote). 26. Therapeutic Groups. (Donelson R. Forsyth). Author Index. Subject Index.


Michael A. Hogg is Professor of Social Psychology at the University of Queensland where he is also Associate Dean of Research for the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences and Director of the Centre for Research on Group Processes. Scott Tindale is Professor of Psychology and Director of the Applied Social Psychology Program, Loyola University, Chicago. He is an associate editor for Group Processes and Intergroup Relations and serves on numerous journal editorial boards.


"This book convincingly shows how the study of groups, particularly the interface of inter--group and intra--group processes, implicates such cognitive and intra--personal foci as attitudes, prejudice, and social cognition. At last we have an integrated volume which returns social phenomena to the intersect of personal and inter--personal processes. This is, or should be, the essence of social psychology, and this volume articulately reminds us that we and our social context (not our cognitive processes alone) determine our behaviour." ----Martin Kaplan, Ph.D., Department of Psychology, University of California
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