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This handy reference guide to modern '74'- series and '4000'- series digital ICs presents 620 useful and carefully selected circuits, diagrams, graphs and tables, supported by informative text and captions. Detailed descriptions of and practical applications information on more than 185 TTL and CMOS ICs are provided. This wealth of information is clearly and logically arranged so that specific information can be quickly and easily located. Fifteen chapters cover from IC basics and TTL and CMOS principles, to the practical circuitry of logic ICs, waveform generators and multiplexers. While aimed at practical design engineers and technicians, this pocket book will also be of use to amateurs and students of electronics. The subject is dealt with in a readable and essentially non-mathematical manner, with the emphasis on practical 'user' information and circuitry.


Digital logic IC basics; The '74'-series of digital ICs; TTL basic usage rules; Modern CMOS digital ICs; Using the 4007UB CMOS IC; Buffer, gate and the logic IC circuits; Bilateral switches and selectors; Pulse generator circuits; Squarewave generator circuits; Clocked flip-flops; Binary and decade counter ICs; Special counter/dividers; Latches, registers, comparators and converters; Special-purpose ICs and circuits; Circuit miscellany; Appendix; Index.


' Although aimed at practical designers, this book will also be of use to amateurs and students of electronics.' Book News, February 1997.
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