Positivity in Algebraic Geometry II

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August 2004



This two volume work on "Positivity in Algebraic Geometry" contains a contemporary account of a body of work in complex algebraic geometry loosely centered around the theme of positivity. Topics in Volume I include ample line bundles and linear series on a projective variety, the classical theorems of Lefschetz and Bertini and their modern outgrowths, vanishing theorems, and local positivity. Volume II begins with a survey of positivity for vector bundles, and moves on to a systematic development of the theory of multiplier ideals and their applications. A good deal of this material has not previously appeared in book form, and substantial parts are worked out here in detail for the first time. At least a third of the book is devoted to concrete examples, applications, and pointers to further developments. Whereas Volume I is more elementary, the present Volume II is more at the research level and somewhat more specialized. Both volumes are also available as hardcover edition as Vols. 48 and 49 in the series "Ergebnisse der Mathematik und ihrer Grenzgebiete".


Notation and Conventions.- Two: Positivity for Vector Bundles.- 6 Ample and Nef Vector Bundles.- 6.1 Classical Theory.- 6.1.A Definition and First Properties.- 6.1.B Cohomological Properties.- 6.1.C Criteria for Amplitude.- 6.1.D Metric Approaches to Positivity of Vector Bundles.- 6.2 Q-Twisted and Nef Bundles.- 6.2.A Twists by Q-Divisors.- 6.2.B Nef Bundles.- 6.3 Examples and Constructions.- 6.3.A Normal and Tangent Bundles.- 6.3.B Ample Cotangent Bundles and Hyperbolicity.- 6.3.C Picard Bundles.- 6.3.D The Bundle Associated to a Branched Covering.- 6.3.E Direct Images of Canonical Bundles.- 6.3.F Some Constructions of Positive Vector Bundles.- 6.4 Ample Vector Bundles on Curves.- 6.4.A Review of Semistability.- 6.4.B Semistability and Amplitude.- Notes.- 7 Geometric Properties of Ample Bundles.- 7.1 Topology.- 7.1.A Sommese's Theorem.- 7.1.B Theorem of Bloch and Gieseker.- 7.1.C A Barth-Type Theorem for Branched Coverings.- 7.2 Degeneracy Loci.- 7.2.A Statements and First Examples.- 7.2.B Proof of Connectedness of Degeneracy Loci.- 7.2.C Some Applications.- 7.2.D Variants and Extensions.- 7.3 Vanishing Theorems.- 7.3.A Vanishing Theorems of Griffiths and Le Potier.- 7.3.B Generalizations.- Notes.- 8 Numerical Properties of Ample Bundles.- 8.1 Preliminaries from Intersection Theory.- 8.1.A Chern Classes for Q-Twisted Bundles.- 8.1.B Cone Classes.- 8.1.C Cone Classes for Q-Twists.- 8.2 Positivity Theorems.- 8.2.A Positivity of Chern Classes.- 8.2.B Positivity of Cone Classes.- 8.3 Positive Polynomials for Ample Bundles.- 8.4 Some Applications.- 8.4.A Positivity of Intersection Products.- 8.4.B Non-Emptiness of Degeneracy Loci.- 8.4.C Singularities of Hypersurfaces Along a Curve.- Notes.- Three: Multiplier Ideals and Their Applications.- 9 Multiplier Ideal Sheaves.- 9.1 Preliminaries.- 9.1.A Q-Divisors.- 9.1.B Normal Crossing Divisors and Log Resolutions.- 9.1.C The Kawamata-Viehweg Vanishing Theorem.- 9.2 Definition and First Properties.- 9.2.A Definition of Multiplier Ideals.- 9.2.B First Properties.- 9.3 Examples and Complements.- 9.3.A Multiplier Ideals and Multiplicity.- 9.3.B Invariants Arising from Multiplier Ideals.- 9.3.C Monomial Ideals.- 9.3.D Analytic Construction of Multiplier Ideals.- 9.3.E Adjoint Ideals.- 9.3.F Multiplier and Jacobian Ideals.- 9.3.G Multiplier Ideals on Singular Varieties.- 9.4 Vanishing Theorems for Multiplier Ideals.- 9.4.A Local Vanishing for Multiplier Ideals.- 9.4.B The Nadel Vanishing Theorem.- 9.4.C Vanishing on Singular Varieties.- 9.4.D Nadel's Theorem in the Analytic Setting.- 9.4.E Non-Vanishing and Global Generation.- 9.5 Geometric Properties of Multiplier Ideals.- 9.5.A Restrictions of Multiplier Ideals.- 9.5.B Subadditivity.- 9.5.C The Summation Theorem.- 9.5.D Multiplier Ideals in Families.- 9.5.E Coverings.- 9.6 Skoda's Theorem.- 9.6.A Integral Closure of Ideals.- 9.6.B Skoda's Theorem: Statements.- 9.6.C Skoda's Theorem: Proofs.- 9.6.D Variants.- Notes.- 10 Some Applications of Multiplier Ideals.- 10.1 Singularities.- 10.1.A Singularities of Projective Hypersurfaces.- 10.1.B Singularities of Theta Divisors.- 10.1.C A Criterion for Separation of Jets of Adjoint Series.- 10.2 Matsusaka's Theorem.- 10.3 Nakamaye's Theorem on Base Loci.- 10.4 Global Generation of Adjoint Linear Series.- 10.4.A Fujita Conjecture and Angehrn-Siu Theorem.- 10.4.B Loci of Log-Canonical Singularities.- 10.4.C Proof of the Theorem of Angehrn and Siu.- 10.5 The Effective Nullstellensatz.- Notes.- 11 Asymptotic Constructions.- 11.1 Construction of Asymptotic Multiplier Ideals.- 11.1.A Complete Linear Series.- 11.1.B Graded Systems of Ideals and Linear Series.- 11.2 Properties of Asymptotic Multiplier Ideals.- 11.2.A Local Statements.- 11.2.B Global Results.- 11.2.C Multiplicativity of Plurigenera.- 11.3 Growth of Graded Families and Symbolic Powers.- 11.4 Fujita's Approximation Theorem.- 11.4.A Statement and First Consequences.- 11.4.B Proof of Fujita's Theorem.- 11.4.C The Dual of the Pseudoeffective Cone.- 11.5.- Notes.- References.- Glossary of Notation.


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"The main theme of this ... monograph is a comprehensive description of the fields of complex algebraic geometry connected with the notion of positivity. ... The book is written for mathematicians interested in the modern development of algebraic geometry." (EMS Newsletter, September, 2006)
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