Designing Teaching Strategies

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The US Dept. of Education, in conjunction with the US Dept. of Health and Human Services, recently unveiled a $50 million effort to expand research on early childhood cognitive development. A key issue identified requiring more information and research was the education and professional development of educators. Along these lines, this book discusses how best to teach, how to design functional curricula, and how to support teachers in using state-of-the-art science instruction materials.-- Doug Greer was recently awarded the Fred S. Keller Award for Distinguished Contributions to Education by APA for the research and application of the material covered in this book-- School programs incorporating the material used in this book have produced 4-7 times more learning outcomes for students than control and baseline educational programs (see


Preface. Teaching as Applied Behavior Analysis: A Professional Difference. The Learn Unit: A Natural Fracture of Teaching. The Repertoires of Teachers Who Are Behavior Analysts. The Strategic Analysis of Instruction and Learning. Teacher Repertoires for Students from Prelistener to Early Reader Status. Teaching Practices for Students with Advanced Repertoires of Verbal Behavior (Reader to Editor of Own Written Work). Behavioral Selection and the Content of Curriculum. Writing and Designing Curricula. Teaching and Mentoring Teachers. The School Psychologist and Other Supportive Personnel: A Contemporary Behavioral Perspective. Glossary. Index.


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