Sacraments and the Salvation Army

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Juni 1990



The emergence of the Salvation Army within the context of Victorian England was theologically a part of the late nineteenth century holiness revival. This book examines the historical and theological influences on William Booth's decision to abandon sacramental practice (1833), and investigates the relationship between the Salvation Army's pneumatology and its non-sacramental theology.


R. David Rightmire (Ph.D., Marquette University) is Professor of Bible and Theology at Asbury College. He has published in several professional journals, including Christian Scholar's Review, Church History, Fides et Historia, and the Wesleyan Theological Journal.

Pressestimmen important book not only because it raises critical questions and provides excellent analysis for institutional historical and theological awareness. It is significant also because it provides the broader academic world with more insight into an intentionally non-sacramental community of believers within the wider Body of Christ. Asbury Theological Journal ...a useful resource for further exploration... Worship
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