Venture Capital Investment Strategy in Emerging Markets

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Juli 2011



In this study, I apply resource theory andknowledge-based theory to analyze the competitive advantage of venture capital (VC) firms in emerging markets and explore how VC firms accumulate their knowledge and build networks through their investmentstrategies in such markets. Fourmechanisms for knowledge accumulation are summarized, namely, learning byjointing venture, learning by hiring, learning by doing, and learning by observing. My research has found significant differencesbetween foreign and local VC firms in their investment decision process and syndication strategy. This study has also shown that VC knowledge affects its usage of learning mechanisms and together they affect VC investment strategies in emergingmarkets. The study is especially useful for venturecapitalists in emerging markets as well as governmentpolicy makers in these countries.


Qing Lu was born in Shanghai, China and got his bachelor degreefrom Fudan University, China. He later moved to Singapore and obtained his Master Degree and PhD from NUS Business School. Hecurrently works in The Logistics Institute--Asia Pacific, and isspecialized in logistics and strategy research.
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