Thick Film Sensors

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September 1994



The vast expansion of the sensor and actuator field in recent years has necessitated the creation of a handbook series to clarify scientific developments.First in the new series, Handbook of Sensors and Actuators, which will examine a broad range of topics across the discipline, this volume explores thick-film technology. The area has already achieved a high rank in the families of advanced solid sensor technologies but there has been limited acknowledgement of its future potential. This publication aims to increase the involvement of internationally recognised sensor experts by suggesting possible directions for further investigation. In this pursuit, it disseminates the data identifying the actual performances and applications of thick-film sensors manufactured all over the world and presents ideas underlying current activities in the research and development of new devices.Three major areas are explored in which thick film technology contributes as a sensor technology, namely: hybrid circuits for signal processing (in combination with either thick-film sensing elements or transducing elements derived from other technologies), creation of architectural structures (eg. multilayer structures, integrated chips with chemical sensing elements, sensor arrays) and transducing elements derived from thick-film pastes. However, the unique properties and chances offered by thick-film technology for sensor manufacture might not be appreciated without emphasis on both scientific and technological features which are either common or distinguished from those of the major alternative technologies, namely silicon, thin films and ceramic. These are therefore also considered, enabling the volumeto offer a balanced view of the state-of-the-art in this exciting field.


Part 1 Thick film technology: thick-film technology, N.M. White. Part 2 Thick flim materials and structures: structures of sensors and multisensors, J.E. Brignell; substrates for thick-film technology, R. Dell' Acqua; thick film conductors, R. Dell' Acqua; thick film resistors, M. Prudenziati and R. Dell' Acqua; thick film dielectric materials, R. Dell' Acqua; pastes, inks and slurries, M. Prudenziati. Part 3 Thermal sensors: thick-film thermistors and RTDs, H. Arima; thick film heat flux sensors, W. Smetana; thermometers for cryogenic temperatures, H. Postma. Part 4 Sensors for mechanical quantities: piezoresistive thick-film sensors, B. Morten and M. Prudenziati; piezoelectric thick-film sensors, G. De Cicco et al; thick-film sensors, B. Moreten et al; capacitive sensors, A. Taroni. Part 5 Sensors for chemical quantities: gas sensors based on solid ionic conductors, V. Leonhard; thick film semiconductor gas sensors, P.T. Moseley; organic materials for gas sensing and the construction of sensors for liquids, J.K. Atkinson et al; thick-film biosensors, N. Hampp et al. Part 6 Sensors for radiation: CdS based photoconducting sensors, M.S. Setty and D.P. Amalnerkar; screen printed CdS/CdTe solar cells, S. Ikegami and H. Uda. Part 7 High-T[c] superconductor thick film sensors: superconducting thick-film magnetic field sensors, A.K. Gupta et al; other high-T[c] superconductor thick film sensors, S. Leppavuori and A. Uusimaki. Part 8 Other sensors and conclusions: other sensors, actuators and ancillary parts for measuring systems, M. Prudenziati; present and future of thick film sensors, M. Prudenziati.


Maria Prudenziati is Professor of Applied Electronics at the University of Modena, Italy.


Inaugurating a new Elsevier series, this volume presents the state of the art in thick-film technology. SCITECH Book News
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