The Philosophy of Body

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This timely collection brings together new discussions of the body from seven leading contributors with a wide variety of philosophical outlooks. The papers deal with the role of the body in the concept of the self, in perceptions, intention and action, in Artificial Intelligence, in thinking about sex and gender, and in psychoanalytical thinking.
A collection of specially written articles discussing the wide variety of treatments of the body.
Timely publication bringing together new discussions of the body from seven leading contributors.
Investigates the treatment of the body in the pioneering works of the phenomenologist Maurice Merleau-Ponty and the American Philosopher Samual Todes.


1. Representing Bodies: Quassim Cassam (University of Oxford). 2. Corporeal Objects and the Independence of Perception and Action: Maximilian de Gaynesford, (The College of William and Mary, Virginia). 3. Gender/Body/Machine: Alison Adam (University of Salford). 4. Merleau--Ponty on the Body: Sean D. Kelly (Princeton University). 5. Samual Todesa s Account of Non--conceptual Perceptual Knowledge and its Relation to Thought: Hubert L. Dreyfus (University of California, Berkeley). 6. Lived Body vs Gender: Reflections on Social Structure and Subjectivity: Iris Marion Young (University of Chicago). 7. Psychoanalysis and the Body--Mind Problem: Michael Brearley.


Michael Proudfoot is head of the Philosophy Department and the School of Humanities at Reading University. He is a graduate of Cambridge University and was a lecturer at Glasgow University. He has been Visiting Professor in the Philosophy Department of Miami University, Ohio several times. In addition to the philosophy of body, he has published on aesthetics, Wittgenstein and moral philosophy. He was manager of the Great Britain team that won the gold medal in Modern Pentathlon in the 1976 Olympics.

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