Nineteenth Century Britain

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November 2002



The nineetenth century was a period of striking developments, and subject to a great pressure of change. This process of change is the primary focus of the book. Organised into a series of thematic chapters, Black and MacRaild's wide-ranging text offers the reader an analysis of numerous spheres of human history: politics, empire and warfare; economy, society and population; religion and culture. The book also offers considered treatment of Scotland, Wales and Ireland, with a truly British (as opposed to English) perspective maintained throughout. With numerous illustrations, helpful explanatory tables, boxes and textual inserts, as well as a list of further reading with each chapter, Ninteetenth Century Britain is an excellent introductory text book for students of this most vital period in British history.


The Eighteenth-Century Background
The Industrial Revolution (I): 1750-1850
The Industrial Revolution (II): 1850-1914
Transport and Communications
Population and Migration
Living Space
The Political World to 1851
The Political World after 1851
Ireland and the Irish Question
Scotland and Wales
Britain and the Wider World I
Britain and the Wider World II
Morality, Sexuality and Victorian Values
Religion and Belief
Cultural Trends
Postscript: Into the Twentieth Century


Jeremy Black and Donald M. MacRaild
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