The Thames and I: A Memoir of Two Years at Oxford

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Dezember 2005



In 1992 Japan's Grown Prince Naruhito completed a memoir about his life and experiences at the University Oxford (1983-85). This engaging and informative account of English university life, customs, and mores as seen from the perspective of a young Japanese student, albeit Japan's heir to the Imperial throne, is a most welcome contribution to cross-cultural studies.


Foreword by HRH The Prince of Wales; Preface to the English edition; Preface to the Japanese Edition; Translator's Note; The Gakushuin; 1. Ten Days in the Japanese Ambassador's Residence; 2. Life in Colonel Hall's House; 3. Entering Oxford; 4. About Oxford; 5. Daily Life at Oxford; 6. Cultural Life at Oxford; 7. Sport; 8. Life as a Research Student at Oxford; 9. Travels in Britain and Abroad; 10. Looking Back on My Two Years' Stay; Postscript; Bibliography; Index


Hugh Cortazzi was British Ambassador to Japan 1980-84 and Chairman of the Japan Society 1984-94. He has written extensively on Japan. His many books include Isle of Gold: Antique Maps of Japan, The Japanese Achievement and his memoir Japan and Back and Places Elsewhere. This is the third volume of Britain and Japan: Biographical Portraits he has edited for the Japan Society, together with British Envoys in Japan, 1859-1972. Most recently, he published his translation of Crown Prince Naruhito's account of his years in Oxford (The Thames and I, 2006). He remains highly active in the field of Anglo-Japanese relations and continues with his monthly column for the Japan Times, as well as being a regular reviewer.
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