Online Activities for Kids: Projects for School, Extra Credit, or Just Plain Fun!

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This essential source book is filled with fun, educational activities that will lead teachers, parents, and kids on exciting, interactive, and easy-to-follow online adventures in science, math, social studies, language arts, geography and travel, and fine arts and music. Kids also earn valuable research skills while doing dozens of unique projects.


Acknowledgments. Introduction. Part I: SCIENCE. 1. Wild and Crazy Science. 2. Home Science Museum. 3. Blast Off! 4. Calling All Aliens. 5. Life on Mars? 6. Moon Log. 7. Shuttle Mission. 8. Your Age and Weight onOther Planets. 9. Secrets of theDinosaurs. 10. Fossil Puzzle. 11. Dinorama. 12. Incredible Journey. 13. Yucky Science Quiz. 14. Plant Life Mystery. 15. Food, Glorious Food. 16. Virtual Frog. 17. Endangered Species. 18. Save the Whales! 19. Tracking Earthquakes. 20. Volcanic Eruption. 21. Hurricane Hunter. 22. Weather Expedition. Part II: MATH. 23. Play Ball! 24. Hoop it Up! 25. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? 26. Take Stock. 27. Price Check! 28. Ancient Computer. 29. Hieroglyphic Math. 30. Boggle Your Mind. 31. How Many? 32. Mathemagician. Part III: SOCIAL STUDIES. 33. Explore UnchartedTerritories. 34. Oh Pioneers! 35. Picture U.S. History. 36. The Real Pocahontas. 37. Who Was That President? 38. The British Are Coming! 39. Escape to Freedom! 40. Civil War Journal. 41. Who Has Lived in the White House? 42. Make a Difference. 43. Internet Chanukah. 44. Kwanzaa Fun. 45. Master Chef. 46. International Games Day. 47. Family Web Site. 48. Write Like an Egyptian. Part IV: LANGUAGE ARTS. 49. Washington Correspondent. 50. Extra! Extra! 51. Haiku Helper. 52. Poetry Showcase. 53. Windows on the World. 54. Kid Authors. 55. What s the Story? 56. Never-Ending Story. 57. Homeroom Homepage. 58. Puzzle Master. 59. Handspeak. 60. Bonjour and Hello! Part V: GEOGRAPHY AND TRAVEL. 61. Destination D.C. 62. Virtual Paris. 63. From Here to There. 64. State Pride. 65. Eye in the Sky. 66. Buried Treasure. Part VI: ARTS AND MUSIC. 67. Art Exhibit. 68. Modern Art. 69. Art Safari. 70. Cave Art. 71. Origami Swan. 72. Castles on the Web. 73. That s Grotesque! 74. Making Money. 75. Be Puzzled. 76. Puppet Master. 77. Make Beautiful Music. 78. Make Your PC Sing! Glossary. Index.


Preston Gralla is a journalist, author, and experienced online surfer who has written nine computer books, including Online Family and Online Kids (both from Wiley). He is also an executive editor at ZDNet.
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