An Analytical Study of Translation of Stream of Consciousness

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Dezember 2012



This study is a step towards translation of stream of consciousness within the framework of Halliday's model of language and discourse (1994). The key problem with translation of literary works written in the field of stream of consciousness is that the complex structure of original work can be questionable for translators to convey the specific textual features of the original text. Most of the studies reviewed so far, however, suffer from the fact that they have paid little attention to the grammatical structure and textual features of stream of consciousness as writing style. To this end, the present study employed a descriptive method to compare and analyze metafunctions and lexicogrammatical patterns of the original work along with its two Persian translations to seek matches/mismatches occurring in translation process by taking into consideration of the specific structure of the original work employed by the author, and application of Halliday's model (1994) in translation from English into Persian.


Pooria Alirezazadeh is a passionate researcher of Discourse Analysis, Systemic Functional Linguistics and foreign literature. He enjoys the challenges of creativity and attention to details. Linguistic approach towards translation has always a source of wonder for him.
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