Simulation Of Residual Stresses Due To Heat Treatment

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Februar 2015



Study and changes in microstructural behaviour due to heat treatment process is reported and analysed through the microstructural images obtained from optical electron microscope and scanning electron microscope.Residual stresses developed in steel was high in samples quenched in brine,next followed by water and then oil. X ray diffraction machine was used to determine the residual stress induced in the samples due to heat treatment experimentally.


Poonam Diwan from Bhilai born on 05/09/1989.Completed her B.E. from New Government Engineering College,Raipur,2011.During my third year of engineering,I had cleared GATE 2010 and I got admission in VNIT Nagpur where I completed M.Tech in CAD-CAM, 2013.Then,joined GGU Bilaspur as an Assistant Professor.Now, I'm Assistant Professor at VEC Lakhanpur
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