Plato's Meno

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For a relatively short dialogue, Plato's Meno covers an astonishingly wide array of topics. Politics, education, virtue, and the immortality of the soul, are all given a profound but tantalizingly brief treatment, leaving many unresolved questions. In a new departure, this book confronts the many enigmas that face readers of the Meno by focusing on the dialogue in its own right and not merely on it within the context of Plato's other dialogues. In so doing, it offers new insights that are both lucid and sympathetic to Plato's philosophy.


Introduction; Part I: 1. The opening: 70a-71d; 2. The first definition: 71e-73c; 3. A lesson in definition: 73c-77d; 4. The third definition: 77b-79e; 5. Meno as interlocutor; Part II: 6. The stingray: 79e-80d; 7. 'Meno's paradox': 80d-81a; 8. The emergence of recollection: 81a-e; 9. The argument for recollection: 82b-85d; 10. The conclusion: 86b6-c2; Part III: 11. The method of hyposthesis: 86c-87c; 12. Virtue is teachable: 87c-89c; 13. Virtue is not teachable: 89e-96d; 14. Virtue as true belief: 96d-100b; 15. Irony in the Meno: the evidence of the Gorgias; 16. Meno's progress; Conclusion; Appendices; References; Indexes.


Dominic Scott is Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Cambridge and a Fellow of Clare College. His previous publications include Recollection and Experience: Plato's Theory of Learning and its Successors (Cambridge University Press, 1995).


'Dominic Scott's new monograph on Plato's Meno is a tour de force. Readers of Plato in general, and this extensively-mined dialogue in particular, will be aware of how high the standards have now been set for writing about Plato as both literary genius and philosophical pioneer, by Taylor, Cornford, Vlastos and others. They will be correspondingly impressed by how successfully Scott's beautifully written work equals and sometimes surpasses these standards, while admirably avoiding both the fanciful and the anachronistic.' Journal of Hellenic Studies
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