River Mechanics

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August 2002



This textbook offers a thorough analysis of rivers from upland areas to oceans. Julien scrutinizes select methods underlining both theory and engineering applications, emphasizing the mechanics of flood wave propagation and sediment transport in rivers. Chapters provide detailed treatments of riverbank stabilization and engineering methods and cover physical and mathematical models. Together, they elucidate measures to reduce flood impact and bank erosion, improve navigation, and increase water supply to cities and irrigation canals. More than 100 exercises and nearly twenty case studies make this book an invaluable learning tool for students. Hardback ISBN (2002): 0-521-56284-8


Preface; Notation; 1. Introduction to river mechanics; 2. Physical properties and equations; 3. River basins; 4. Steady flow in rivers; 5. Unsteady flow in rivers; 6. River equilibrium; 7. River dynamics; 8. River stabilization; 9. River engineering; 10. Physical river models; 11. Mathematical river models; 12. Waves and tides in river estuaries; Bibliography; Index.
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