Antoine Arnauld and Pierre Nicole: Logic or the Art of Thinking

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A new translation of the treatise which inspired modern developments in logic and semantic theory.


Acknowledgments; Introduction; First discourse; Second discourse; First part, containing reflections on ideas; Second part of the logic, containing reflections people have made about their judgments; Third part of the logic, on reasoning; Fourth part of the logic, on method; Index.


"Jill Buroker's translation of the Port Royal Logic is everything a good translation should be, i.e., close enough to the original to count as scholarly, while at the same time readable enough to fully convey the sense and style of the suthor's text. As a clear improvement on either of the two previous translations, and Dickoff and James (1964), it will be of interest to anyone studying logic written in this period...One of the most striking features of the Port Royal Logic is the fact that its style-direct, engaging and often very witty-makes itseem like something written in this century...a remarkable work by any standards...Jill Broker's new edition will renew interest in this significant work." James VAn Evra, Philosophy in Review "This edition presents a new translation of the text, together with a historical introduction and suggestions for further reading." Mathematical Reviews
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